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Our live train times tool is specially designed to make finding train times quicker and easier. With our online tool, you can —

  • Search times for your favourite journey (on any route or train company)
  • View real-time journey and platform information with live train tracking
  • Check which trains are faster, and which stations they're stopping at
  • Find Peak, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak travel times
  • Bookmark your journey for even faster access to train times

If you need to buy your train ticket, it's quick and simple — We'll even highlight the cheapest options if they're available! Be sure to book in advance when you can.

Save an average of 61%* when you book tickets in advance.

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Popular UK train timetables

RouteFastest journey timeTrains per day
London to Manchester2h 3m47
London to Edinburgh4h 16m33
Leeds to London1h 59m36
London to Birmingham1h 20m152
London to Brighton52m165
Manchester to London1h 59m47
Edinburgh to London4h35
Glasgow to Manchester3h 5m21
Glasgow to Liverpool3h 23m3
Glasgow to Leeds4h 6m7
Birmingham to Glasgow3h 55m13
London to Newcastle2h 45m31

Live train times

On our website, you'll be able to see whether your train is on time for almost every train route in the UK, which stations it's calling at, and much more. If you have our app, you'll also be able to see where your train is, whether it's left the previous stations on time, and we’ll even tell you if there are any other trains you can catch that arrive will earlier than the one you're looking at.

If you're looking to check departures and arrivals for each station, see live departures and arrivals.

Check train times for tomorrow...

...and the day after, and the day after that! Most train companies in the UK generally release their tickets and timetables around 1-3 months in advance, so you can search for your journey ahead of time. Make sure you check back again closer to the date of travel, as train timetables can sometimes change closer to the date.

Checking first and last train times

All our UK train times pages show the first and last train time for today. Although most UK train companies follow a standard Monday-Friday and weekend service timetable, there are sometimes alterations to these times that could affect your journey. Most trains in the UK, except special services to some airports and London Underground's Night Tube, do not operate 24/7.

Most services across the country stop between around 01:00 am and 05:00 am each morning to let the trains have a nap, so it's usually fairly easy to search for the first train of the day using our tool — simply type in your departure (from) and arrival (to) stations and choose a time inside of this morning window.

To search for the last train of the day, select a time late in the night, and use the earlier or later toggles to scroll through to find the last train of the evening. If you're one of the unfortunate ones who's missed their last train, the tool will tell you when the first train leaves the next day.

Train times in your pocket – Download our app

If you're someone who checks train times regularly or on the go, you definitely need to get your hands on our train times app. Available on both iOS and Android, the Trainline app allows you to check live train times at a glance, see where your train is and any delays with our live train tracker, save your favourite journeys for quick access and even buy tickets on the go.

Download our app

Is my train on time?

That's a great question a lot of you ask! Our train times tool will show you if your train is on time or not. If it's delayed, we'll tell you what time it's due, and if it's been cancelled, we'll let you know when the next train is coming through and give you options to re-route your journey if there’s another way.

Good to know

You can view real-time train time information by searching for your journey on your mobile device or in our app. You’ll be able to see which platform your train is departing from or arriving at (if searching for trains departing soon or if they’re already en route from another destination). Alternatively, head over to our live departures and arrivals page for real-time info if you’re on a desktop device.

To check if your train is on time, enter your departure and arrival stations in our Journey Planner on your mobile device and hit ‘Get times and tickets’. You'll see the message ‘On time,’ and if there are any delays, we’ll show you up-to-the-minute live information on the expected arrival and departure times.

To check which platform your train leaves from, enter your origin and destination stations then hit "Get times and tickets" on your mobile device. The platform number should be displayed directly underneath the train’s departure time. Exact platform information is usually released about 10-20 minutes before the train departs. If it’s not available just yet, we’ll estimate which platform we think it might depart from based on historical data. If you’re browsing on your desktop, platform information is only available by searching on our live departures and arrivals page.

Yes, on your mobile device or in our app you’ll be able to track your train’s location between stations for most UK journeys. You’ll also see the expected time of arrival and the platform number, and if that’s not available just yet, we’ll estimate which platform we think the train might depart from based on historical data.

Sometimes delays can happen across the rail network for any number of reasons. Whilst these often can’t be helped, our app and website provide the latest information available to help you plan your journey.

For train times across Europe, including France, Italy, Spain and Eurostar head over to our European train times page.

First and last train times can change daily, so to search for the last train of the day, select a time late in the night in our Journey Planner and hit ‘Get times and tickets’, and use the earlier or later toggles to scroll through to find the last train of the evening. If you're one of the unfortunate ones who's missed their last train, the tool will tell you when the first train leaves the next day.

If your train is cancelled, you will usually be able to take the next service to your destination (just without the guarantee of a seat, if you’ve booked one). If your train is cancelled and no other services are running, you’ll generally be entitled to a refund. Visit our help section or check with the train company you’re travelling with for more details.

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