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Want to know when Off-Peak train times are? Did you know that by visiting our train times page you can view Peak, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train times for the UK in an instant to help plan your journey and find the right ticket for you?

When you book your Off-Peak train tickets with us, we’ll highlight the different ticket types and cheapest options if they’re available. You can save an average of 61%* when you book tickets in advance.

* Average savings on Advance fares booked at least one week before day of travel vs Anytime fares purchased on day of travel. Subject to availability. Excludes coach.

When are Off-Peak train times?

Off-Peak train times can vary depending on the time of day, the day of the week and the train company you’re travelling with. Generally, Off-Peak is any time excluding mornings and late afternoons/early evenings Monday to Friday. Most train travel during weekends and bank holidays is Off-Peak. Trains during these times are generally less busy with cheaper tickets available.**

** Some special services may not always offer Off-Peak fares during the weekend. This includes airport train services and trains running for special events.

When are Super Off-Peak train times?

Exact Super Off-Peak train times can vary across routes and train companies, but they’re usually the least busy travel periods during the week. Super Off-Peak travel times are normally between around 10:00 to 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards Monday to Friday. You can also travel Super Off-Peak during weekends and bank holidays.

How to find Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train times

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find information about Peak, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak times on our website and in the app –

Desktop – If you’re browsing from a desktop computer, search for a train around the time you would like to travel, and when you select the different trains available, you will see on the right which types of fares this train has available, and a breakdown of the conditions of travel. If you’re looking for the next Off-Peak service, click the earlier/later buttons until you find your ideal one.

Mobile/app – If you’re browsing on mobile, or in our app, we’ll tell you whether the train you’d like to travel on is a Peak, Off-Peak, or Super Off-Peak service on the right-hand side for each available train, right under the ticket price. If you’re looking for the next Off-Peak service, keep scrolling or tap the earlier/later trains buttons and look for the label “Off-Peak” or “Super Off-Peak”.

Which tickets can I travel with during Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak times?

There are a few different ticket types you can travel with during Off-Peak times. These include —

Off-Peak Single
You can travel on any Off-Peak train on the date shown on the ticket.
Off-Peak Return
With Return tickets you can travel on any Off-Peak train. For the outward journey this must be on the date shown on the ticket and for the return journey, within one calendar month.
Off-Peak Day Return
The outward and return journey must be made on the same date as shown on the ticket but on any Off-Peak train.
Super Off-Peak
For the quietest times of day. They offer the same type of flexibility as Off-Peak tickets but have further restrictions on travelling at only Super Off-Peak times.

Good to know

An Off-Peak train time is classed as any time outside the busiest times of rail travel. Usually outside of commuting hours and during weekends.

The start of Off-Peak train times varies across different train companies and routes in the UK, but usually it’s when the busiest travel periods end.

The end of Off-Peak train times in the UK varies depending on the train company and route you’re travelling on, but usually it’s when the busiest travel periods start.

Most train timetables will show whether a train is an Off-Peak or Peak service. At Trainline, when searching for train times on our website or app, we’ll highlight the Off-Peak trains so they’re easy to spot.

Off-Peak times by train company

If you already know who you’ll be travelling with, why not check out our train companies page, where all UK train operators are listed. You can find timetables for some of the major train companies below:

Ready to book your Off-Peak tickets? Use our journey planner to find Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train times and tickets today.